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    Demented Promotions presents:



    "In the rot-infested bowels of a boarded-up bunker, five brave soldiers are steeling themselves for an over-the-top assault against the plague ripping through the metal masses. As the brain-dead hordes claw and scratch at their fortified safehouse, Gama Bomb have armed themselves with an arsenal of razor fine riffs and rapier wits as they prepare to take on the brain-sucking musical dead.."




    "Oozing with driving momentum, SSS possess the notorious attitude of early Boston bands and the heart of bay area thrash, spawning optimal hybrid thrash prowess that is destined to uproot the revival and throw any fan into a tailspin. In late 2006 SSS released a 16 song shocker through Dead and Gone Records, receiving elite critical acclaim and sticking a spotlight on SSS’s riveting underground live shows. Receiving 3 K’s from Kerrang (January 2007 issue), SSS has been noted by Kerrang as “taking us back to a time when all that mattered were riffs and blast beats” - delivering the bricks and mortar of warranted angst-ridden THRASH! "


    Also playing:

    Visceral Attack
    Crowd Control

    Date: Friday, 16th April
    Place: The Pint, Eden Quay
    Time: 8pm
    Price: €10 on the door! No tickets!


    For more information:
    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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  2. xrobbedgex

    xrobbedgex Life Will Never Last

    Well holy fuck. This'll be incredible.
  3. 3_Fingers

    3_Fingers Wake the Dead

    ugh why do i have to be in belfast for this, life ruined :(
  4. Eddie


  5. Liamy

    Liamy insect politics

  6. martin


    I very much look forward to this.
  7. nelly

    nelly crucial kid

  8. garyoak

    garyoak New Member

    Need to make the effort for this.
  9. MacDuff

    MacDuff Horse Hunter

    All great bands.
  10. SSS. SSSuperb.
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  11. pentagrimes

    pentagrimes senile old man

    I'm pretty much just going to hear Foxy's between song banter.
  12. garyoak

    garyoak New Member

    I wouldn't be surprised if he waves a union jack flag for the whole set.
  13. Alan H

    Alan H pfft

    If there's another gig the night before/after i'd love to come up for this. anyone know if anything's on?
  14. pentagrimes

    pentagrimes senile old man

    wooden shjips and seadog in whelans
  15. moose

    moose meh

    Had to sell my Roadburn ticket so this is a deadly consolation prize.

    Glad you went with VA for support.
  16. Dock

    Dock I am your hero

    FUCK! Really want to see Gamma Bomb!! Delish band!
  17. xMac Kellx

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  18. Sos

    Sos Chattin' shite

    The elusive Stephen MacKell.
  19. xMac Kellx

    xMac Kellx GO TO SHOWS

    Sorry. I had the price as 12 euro but then I decided to change it to 10 euro so I have to get the flyer changed.
  20. Alan H

    Alan H pfft

    Oh yeah, forgot about that.

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